Valentino Skarwan 

Valentino Skarwan is an artist based in Vienna with a transdisciplinary practice spanning Performance and Installation. They studied fine arts and transmedia art at the University of Applied Arts and have performed at various institutions, including Belvedere 21, MUMOK, Tanzquartier, Brut and festivals such as Wienerfestwochen, Impulstanz and Spitfestival.

Skarwan's work delves into the intricate relationships, whether rooted in culture, gender, or the non-human realm, and how these connections can mold our perspectives. Their creative endeavors venture into alternative dimensions of human connection, offering possibilities for reimagining a sense of togetherness that embraces both the familiar and the unfamiliar. Drawing on personal experiences growing up in Guatemala, they interweave cultural codes, memories, and sensations to create a intimate corporeal language